Our Quilt Stories during spring quarantine...
Sue's Hummingbirds Table Runner

Sue made this in the past month...just in time to welcome her real hummingbirds back to their feeder!

Anita's Big Project!

Anita has been removing wallpaper and getting her walls ready to paint. Goodbye lovely old paper....

Hello walls...ready to paint.
We can't wait to see the finished project!

Speaking of painting...

Our talented Diane has been teaching herself how to paint. Look at her amazing work from a family photo!

Here is a book recommendation from Joyce!

Joyce loved this book! She highly recommends it.

This book can be downloaded from EPL in audio or print form. I am on the waiting list.

Christmas is coming early in North Carolina!

Carol has been making a Stack & Whack Christmas quilt! The blocks are beautiful!

...That makes her our "Christmas Carol!"....
Diane's Cathedral Windows Quilt Memory

I made this long.... long ago. Our very first move was to the itty bitty town of Coshocton, OH. An elderly lady named Vi (short for Violet) took me under her wing. I was 28, had never left my hometown and had no family near by. All of the pieces in this were from her stash. She taught me how to do this. She was a very special lady.

Lou is creating in Florida!

Thanks Lou for your innovative mask technique. What a clever way to cope and produce without elastic!

...and thanks to Bob for modeling Lou's creation.

Harriet is sewing again!

She finished her spring house cleaning and is once again making hospital donations for the babies.

Nine precious baby sacks ready to go.


The winner of the "Most Cuddly" project goes to Jim and Mary Rasp...
Welcome Christine Marie....

Christine's Whimsical Cat

Christine made this cat quilt for a friend. Meow!

Christine and her daughter made this for a niece. This could be their "purple thing" for "The Year of the Woman."

Christine finished this for a friend.

Mary's Aunt Melba

Mary shared memories of her maternal Aunt Melba who was an artist. She made these paper dolls for her sister Marie when she/Melba was just 10 or 12 years old...

What talent!

Who was Melba?

Melba is Mary's Aunt...Marie's sister. She continued her adult life as an award winning artist. She even did leather tooling for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

Melba drew her granddaughter whimsically holding her own toddler drawing!

Freya's Quilts and Knitting

Freya has been super busy and productive. It is her way of saying."Some "bunny" loves you."

Freya's Zoo quilt

Freya's Inch Worm Quilt...

Terry's "Votes For Women" quilt is almost finished.

As I bind this quilt I think about the women marching for equal rights in 1917, 1918, 1919 who were also coping with a pandemic.

My design embedded lots of "Vs" for VOTE...but now I realize they also stand for VIRUS...

"My Sister's Rose"

Annette's new rose is blooming in DC. The cutting came from her sister Katie.

Take time to smell the roses, give thanks for your blessings...and spend time in the fresh air and sun.